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Governance with Wize Analytics

Safely scale AI with oversight and prioritize the data projects and models that deliver the most value.

A Central Control Tower

Wize Analytics provides a single place where data and analytics leaders and project managers track the progress of multiple data initiatives and ensure the right workflows and processes are in place to deliver Responsible AI. 

As your company scales its AI footprint, centralized program oversight is crucial for maintaining visibility and reducing risk.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1

Structured Sign-off and Approvals

In governed workflows, project owners request and collect sign-offs on models or project bundles prior to promoting them to production, in order to ensure audit-readiness on deployment decisions. Without appropriate reviews and sign-off, a deployment will be blocked until proper approval is obtained. 

Getting stakeholder approval for data projects can be challenging to manage and track, but is necessary to ensure both projects and models align with business needs, are auditable, and follow responsible AI best practices.

Model and Bundle Registries

Wize Analytics’ model registry provides a centralized way to see all models (whether developed in Wize Analytics or externally) in one place, versioned, and with performance metrics and project summaries for leaders and project managers. 

The bundle registry delivers the same benefits for project bundles, so versions of analytics pipelines and project artifacts can be governed and managed according to a defined workflow.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1

Project Value & Risk Qualification

In Wize Analytics, stakeholders assess project value and risk using a standardized qualification framework. With limited resources to execute a growing number of AI project requests, a single value-risk matrix helps leaders compare initiatives, determine oversight requirements, and determine which projects should be prioritized for investment.

Developers will appreciate the shared bank of useful code snippets and libraries — including those imported from Git — to expedite scripting tasks and ensure everyone is applying consistent methodology for data manipulation. 

Standardized Governance Plans and Workflows

Wize Analytics provides a single place where data and analytics leaders and project managers track the progress of multiple data projects. With Wize Analytics, you leverage standardized project and workflow templates with clear steps and gates to explore, build, test, deploy, and maintain AI projects. Assign stakeholders, capture notes, and attach relevant documentation to each stage of a workflow to ensure the process is documented and tracked, from design to delivery. 

A rolling timeline of recent actions, to-do lists, and built-in chat functions also keep the record of team member discussions and contributions inside the project, rather than scattered across other external productivity tools.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1

Automatic Flow and Model Documentation

Wize Analytics can automatically generate comprehensive documentation for both models and the project flow on a one-off or scheduled basis. Customizable templates include all the metadata and visualizations needed to snapshot the project state or model design and results. 

With robust, automated documentation, organizations maintain consistent records of AI projects for regulatory compliance, and teams can stop spending countless hours maintaining project docs. 

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