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Data Visualization with Wize Analytics

Interactively explore data and create statistical analyses, charts, and dashboards to share insights with the broader team.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Wize Analytics provides automatic profiling of columns, including the counts and distribution of values, top values, outliers, invalids, and summary statistics.

Data quality indicators and shading for each column provide instant visual cues for missing or invalid values.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1

Statistical Analysis

Wize Analytics includes a broad range of statistical tests and analyses, including univariate / bivariate / multivariate analyses, fit curves and distributions, location and distribution tests, and time series-specific analyses.

A smart assistant helps uncover meaningful patterns by automatically exploring your data for interesting relationships, which are visualized through box-plots, 2D and 3D scatterplots, heat maps, correlation matrices, line charts, and more.

Charts and Graphs

With Wize Analytics, all users (technical or not) can create effective visualizations to understand or share data insights across the team or organization. 

Charting options include bar charts, lines, curves, stacked area layouts, pie charts, donut layouts, boxplots, 2D-distribution, lift charts, tables, scatter plots, and more.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1


Dashboards in Wize Analytics make it easy for you to share information about data projects with stakeholders across the company, including charts, model reports, interactive web applications, team discussions, wikis, and many other elements. And with automatic dashboard refresh, teams can ensure business users always have the most up-to-date insights at their fingertips.

Geospatial Analytics

Wize Analytics includes special storage formats, transformation processors, and presentation elements for geospatial data.

Geocoding creates geo points or extracts location information like latitude and longitude, and geo joins connect datasets based on geographic information. For analysis and reporting, plot geo data onto visually rich, interactive maps and share them with others.

data preparation a1
data preparation a1

Integrations with Tableau, PowerBI, and etc.

For cases where reaching critical stakeholders and business users requires the use of existing BI tools, Wize Analytics integrates with platforms like Tableau and Power BI to ensure that everyone has the information they need to create value from AI projects developed in Wize Analytics.

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