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Analytic and ML Apps with Wize Analytics

Deliver analytic dashboards and custom ML applications to business users for better, data-driven decisions.

Business Dashboards

With Wize Analytics, you create interactive project dashboards and share them with business users. Dashboards include diverse elements such as filterable charts and datasets, ML model insights, project health metrics, embedded web apps, and much more. 

Scheduling data updates or triggering a refresh is simple, and ensures the latest outputs and KPIs are available for project stakeholders. 

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data preparation a1

What-if Analysis & Outcome Optimization

Use what-if analysis to interactively test different combinations of input values and examine the impact on predicted results. Even better, powerful simulation features systematically discover what specific changes to features would lead to the outcome you want, so you can make more prescriptive recommendations to the business. 

Equipped with these decision support tools, both technical and business professionals can build trust in predictive models and apply knowledge of model behavior in practical ways. 

No-Code Wize Analytics Applications

With Wize Analytics apps, data scientists and business analysts create and deliver custom business apps for data consumers, all without needing to know how to code. 

By packaging a project with a guided visual user interface, teams enable many others across the organization to interact with a pre-built analysis and generate AI outputs in a self-service way using their own data and settings. 

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data preparation a1

Custom Web Apps Using Dash, Streamlit, Shiny, and More

Wize Analytics supports interactive web app development from design to delivery, so business audiences can interactively use data and predictive insights to drive better customer experiences and outcomes. 

Configure pre-built visual templates or code a fully custom web app using leading data science visualization frameworks such as Dash, Bokeh, R Shiny, JavaScript, and Streamlit. 

Centralize Data Products in Workspaces

Compile and share data assets and results via workspaces, streamlined access points through which program stakeholders — technical or not — can easily access a variety of objects sourced from multiple projects, such as applications, dashboards, datasets, and wiki articles. 

Wize Analytics workspaces make it easier for analytics teams to distribute their work to diverse audiences — a critical step in the adoption of Enterprise AI. 

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