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Augmented Analytics


Wize Analytics uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate complex and time consuming aspects of the data enrichment, data modeling and data discovery processes.


Wize Analytics is a common foundation for sharing knowledge and insights. Deploy global transformation policies for all to use. Develop, monitor and act on shared KPI’s. Common foundation for business and IT


Wize Analytics integrates your work, your data and your systems through an single experience for data prep, visualization, reporting and dashboards.

Wize Analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, will change everything about the analytics and business intelligence processes, by simplifying, improving and radically changing them. By integrating artificial intelligence and natural language processing elements with traditional BI processes, Wize Analytics will transform user experience by preparing data, revealing new insights, and making relevant information easy to share.

Wize Analytics has the potential to help you get the most out of data. It involves an intense mix of artificial intelligence (AI), often in the form of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), and traditional analytics. Wize Analytics is a huge step forward from traditional analytics or BI tools because the AI technologies involved are continuously working at learning and enhancing results. In particular, Wize Analytics allows faster access to insights derived from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data; which helps unbridle insights, from any kind of bias.

Wize Analytics as a cognitive system can provide real-time answers to questions posed in natural language by searching through massive amounts of information that have been entered into its knowledge base, making sense of context, and computing the most likely answer. As developers and users “train” the system, answers become more reliable and increasingly precise over time.

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